About Us


First launched on 01 January 2019, ZariBunty.com is like no other website on the internet.

But one thing makes us better and different from others and that is our writers’ research and content creation. Because we want to be able to solve your problem in a better way and easy way.

This site reaches out to everyone from all walks of life and solves their problems.

Which includes our most popular categories.

Meet our team who are experts in their field.

Laura Heinz

Laura Heinz

Laura is a housewife and freelance writer. She focuses on writing the standard things that your home likes. After 3+ years and 3500+ pieces of content that have helped diverse companies grow, I pursued my passion and made ZariBunty my home.

Mike Ross

Mike is a game writer and pro gamer and believes that when you lose you like to make excuses. He is focused on mobile technology and computer hardware. He’s an iOS / Mac guy, but he also likes a good gaming PC setup. When he’s not writing, you can find him playing Warhammer and working on his novel.

Josephine Thomas

Josephine is a technology enthusiast and loves to explore new technologies. She has been programming since she was 12 years old and enjoys learning about the newest trends in tech. Josephine is currently studying Computer Science at Stanford University, where she has become involved with organizations such as Women in Computer Science (WCS) and Code X: The Stanford Center for Professional Development.

Ben Paul

Ben is a crypto analyst who lives for blockchain and decentralization. He enjoys the study of Cryptocurrencies. He has been able to learn a lot about the technology and upcoming trends which I use in my daily trading. He has been following this space for the past couple of years and has been involved in multiple projects from an investment standpoint. He has a long-term view of the blockchain and is a firm believer in its disruptive nature. He’s a trader at heart who loves analyzing charts and making predictions. His favorite quote is: “The trend is your friend”. He also wears glasses and is a big fan of cats 🙂