How to Fix CCTV Camera Video Loss

It is not surprising that CCTV cameras constantly face issues. There are a few possible causes for losing recorded video from a CCTV camera, and this article will help you figure them out.

The first step is checking the physical condition of your camera if everything’s okay, then move on to checking your cable connection or re-installing your CCTV monitoring system to fix CCTV camera video loss problems.

In the meantime, there could be some things causing CCTV camera video loss, such as rain exposure, lightning strikes, faulty equipment, and much more.

You need to identify the problem quickly before it gets worse. Here we would like to give five solutions about how to fix CCTV camera video loss.

Video loss in security cameras?

If you have issues with your security cameras and video not appearing on the DVR, you may need to replace the coax cables coming from your cameras.

How to fix cctv camera video loss
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To check what causes video loss in security cameras, you can do simple tests. Please note that we will be testing for signal loss at this point and no connection problems.

First, disconnect all cables between the cameras and DVR (including power) – it doesn’t matter if they’re working or not.

Reconnect them one by one checking each time for the video quality on the DVR. Once you’ve found which cable has no signal, mark that camera as “bad” and move on to another…

If your goal were to test for connection problems, you would need to do the same tests only using the cables between your cameras and their power supply – not with them powering down or up, but off.

If doing this does not produce any video on the DVR, it may be an issue of loose connections between your DVR and monitor/TV.

If you are still having issues with your security cameras even though they appear to be working correctly, then the problem may lie in signal interference.

It can occur when there is unnecessary metal near or touching your coaxial cables or if one of your components is faulty.

To check for metal interference, try moving all devices out of their current positions so that they are at least away from any metallic surfaces (doors, windows, cabinets, etc.).

If you are still not receiving any video, then it is time to test for faulty equipment – disconnect one of your cameras from the recorder and check if this results in a better camera-to-DVR connection.

How to fix CCTV camera video loss?

In case of some situation, for example, network failure, power cut off. The security DVR will stop recording any more clips and show “No Disk,” which means it cannot record anything from now on.

In this circumstance, the only way is to get back lost data by using a PC program or manually copying data from the hard drive if the computer can detect it.

The following contents are about getting back videos from a CCTV system’s recorder via PC software which is more convenient and effective than manually without proper operation skills.

Step1: Connect your security DVR with PC

After making sure all cables are correctly connected, you need to turn on the security DVR and then open the software of your DVR. The default user name & password are written on the label of your recorder.

Step2: Find lost videos

Launch our PC program on your computer, click “DVR,” choose the “Disk” tab; you will see all drives on this recording device, including internal HD drives and USB flash drive (U disk).

Search for the video file you want to retrieve data from by clicking the “Search” button; if it’s detected, you will find limited info like file size, date of record, and cam number.

If not found anyone that meets your requirement after searching entirely, please click “Refresh” to begin a new search.

You can preview some files by double-clicking the file name if some files are found.

Step3: Transfer lost videos

You can directly copy and paste on your computer or choose those files that meet your demand, then click the “Recycle Bin” button on the upper right corner to clone all data in it to the local disk as backup timely.

To check whether your DVR has enough space for storage, click “Tools” > “Disk Tools” > “Free Space Info”,it will show free and occupied size with percentage rate without extra calculation. If not comfortable with PC software, you can try another method:

CCTV camera showing black screen

CCTV cameras are a popular security measure for businesses and homes CCTV camera types and specifications vary. However, when there is a problem with a CCTV camera, it can be challenging to diagnose and fix.

One common issue is that the CCTV camera will show a black screen. There are several possible causes of this problem, and it is essential to determine the cause to fix the problem.

How to fix cctv camera video loss
CCTV Camera Showing Black Screen

One possible cause of a black screen on a CCTV camera is that the camera is not getting power.

It can be due to a faulty power supply or a disconnected cable. Another possibility is that the camera lens is dirty and needs to be cleaned.

If the lens is not clean, the image will be distorted or completely black.

Another common cause of a black screen on a CCTV camera is that the device has been set to an incorrect resolution.

When the camera’s resolution is lower than it should be, the device will not capture enough information to create a picture on the screen.

For this problem to be fixed, the correct resolution needs to be assigned, and then settings on the unit can be adjusted so that images are correctly displayed.

CCTV cameras may also show a black screen if they have lost their network connection with a DVR or other video recorder.

It can happen for many reasons. For example, if power is cut from the security system, all devices will be offline. It means that each device must have its backup power supply in case of a power outage.

If a CCTV camera is not functioning correctly, it is essential to troubleshoot the problem to get it up and running again. 

By determining the cause of the black screen, it will be possible to fix the issue and resume regular operation of the security system.

Video loss on Swann security camera

Many Swann security camera users have been reporting issues with their devices recently. One of the most commonly reported problems is video loss, leaving people feeling unsafe and unprotected.

Video loss can occur for several reasons, but the most common is when the camera loses power or internet connection.

The camera may not record footage or send live updates to your phone or computer if this happens. It can be a significant problem if you’re relying on your security camera to keep you safe.

Other causes of video loss include firmware updates that go wrong, technical problems with the camera itself, and weather conditions such as high winds or heavy rain.

If your security camera experiences video loss, you can do a few things to fix the problem. The first step is to check that your camera is powered correctly and connected to the internet. You may need to reset the device or update the firmware if it is.

If none of these solutions work, your best option may be to contact Swann customer support.

They may be able to help you troubleshoot the issue or recommend a replacement camera.

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