How to Block CCTV Camera

What is privacy worth to those bad guys stalking citizens, making life hell for them every day of their lives using cameras on vehicles with tinted windows and tinted glass. 

How can we fight back? How can we cash in on our privacy here and now without causing harm to others or ourselves? That’s what I’m going to talk about here.

If you are looking for an answer to how to block CCTV camera, then the best way to block a CCTV camera is to put something in front of the lens.

How about a gum wrapper? Yes, you can use plastic wrap also; it is better than nothing at all. The problem with the plastic wrap and gum wrappers is that they do not last long, and you need something big and more durable.

CCTV Camera and Security

A closed-circuit television system (CCTV) for surveillance is an excellent method to secure an area. You can gain access to video footage from a security camera installed in the area you want monitoring.

Whether it be a commercial or residential setting, locate the best outdoor security camera system and find a nearby CCTV IP address; here are some ways to go about setting up your cameras. 

When necessary, use special tools like power drills, woodcutting saws, and wiring cameras to plug a power supply into an electrical outlet.    

One by one, name the items underlined in the article. Remove any that do not belong.

A closed-circuit television system (CCTV) for surveillance is excellent to secure an area.

You can gain access to video footage from a security camera installed in the area you want monitoring. If you will port forwarding IP camera.

Whether it be a commercial or residential setting, here are some ways to go about setting up your cameras:

Some suggestions include securing wires with wire clips, avoiding tripping hazards, purchasing waterproof cases for indoor cameras.

If you place them outside, use special tools like power drills, woodcutting saws, and wiring cameras to plug a power supply into an electrical outlet.  

CCTV security cameras are used in vast areas such as residential and business places for adequate protection against theft and robbery. Different CCTV Camera types and specifications are available in the market.

You can make it look like part of the room by painting the area surrounding the camera flat black and mounting it flush with the wall or ceiling, but there’s always a chance that someone will notice it when you’re not around.

If you don’t mind taking a few precautions before installation, concealed inside walls and ceilings are great spots to conceal your camera.

You could also buy a special kit that makes hiding your camera even more manageable, but you’ll have to pay for all this kit.

Reasons to block CCTV Camera

There are several reasons why one would want to block a CCTV camera, whether government or private entities or even individuals own it. 

The following are merely some of them:

-The surveillance may be an invasion of privacy. People tend to live their lives in different ways when they know that someone is watching them, which changes how they behave in public places.

It can cause problems in many areas, such as research (for example, students who usually speak up in class might not do so because there is no way to avoid being watched) and general behavior.

And issues arise when this data gathered by video cameras gets into the wrong hands. The government wants to install video cameras everywhere to track you, everything you do, and everywhere you go. 

It should be obvious that if someone tells you that they are watching you, then it should be blatantly clear whether or not this should happen.

-Private places such as people should not invade other people’s home video equipment, but it happens all the time.

Whether or not signs say “No Camera”, “Phone/Video Camera Prohibited”, etc.

Companies lately install security cameras in change rooms so that they can watch women undress after a hard day of work.

In most cases, this is illegal; however, companies try to justify their actions by saying that just because it is illegal does not mean they won’t do it.

-Some people would like to keep their identity a secret and do not want other people knowing who they are or what they look like, especially if the intent of the video camera owner is malicious, such as stalking; 

We’ve all seen those TV shows where someone follows someone else around for 24 hours (or more), and these types of videos are readily available on the Internet nowadays. 

If you don’t think that this could happen to you, then think twice. -The surveillance can be abused to coerce individuals into doing things;

For example, imagine if your country’s government wants to ask something from you and threatens to release these videos on the Internet if you don’t cooperate: social, financial, and cause academic problems by such activities.

-The surveillance allows for some people to be punished for no reason at all; imagine if a student is walking home from school and one of their teachers sees them talking to someone else while walking past the teacher. 

The teacher might get curious about who this other person is, so they follow them both and videotape what happens on their cell phone camera. 

If the student gets disciplined in any way (such as detention or suspension), that is an invasion of privacy and used for malicious purposes (e.g., blackmailing). 

Many governments try to say that they need to install so many CCTV camera sites to decrease their crime rates, but that statement might not be entirely accurate.

Since people who commit crimes will always find ways to avoid being seen, the only ones getting caught in the act are usually innocent bystanders.

-Some people would like their privacy respected and do not want to be watched everywhere they go; there is nothing known as “too much surveillance” because it allows a ruling power to track its citizens without them even knowing about it.

But what happens when things get out of hand? Even schools have installed security cameras just so teachers can keep an eye on students while they’re at play, but what if someone who has malicious intent manages to find one of these secret videos? 

-People don’t want others monitoring activities that they’re not supposed to be observed in the first place; imagine if someone installs a security camera on their property and then uses it as an excuse to spy on those who visit them. 

It is harmful because some people would like to keep things private, or maybe even secretive (e.g., couples talking about relationships and things that no one else should know about).

People don’t want secrets and images of themselves (incredibly intimate ones) getting out there for everyone to see;

Imagine if someone takes a photo of you without permission and puts it online where anyone can download it, but only after the person has tampered with it by adding something like an awful comment.

How to block CCTV Camera

How to Block CCTV Camera
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If you are against surveillance cameras, then here is a fast way to fight back. Even though this might not be the most effective one, it sure makes your presence felt over time.

Using any material with higher infrared reflection can increase the reflective surface on these cameras, making them blind spots.

Any shiny metal will do fine for this purpose, aluminium foil or packing tape work perfectly fine. You can even get creative and paint something metallic that draws attention away from the camera itself.

Just make sure that your creation is of more significant pieces instead of small dots covering up many cameras at once because they’re better hidden in groups than standing alone.

Other materials like glossy magazine pages work too for this purpose.

You can simply cut out a magazine page in the size of your hand and hold it up at a 45° angle covering the camera lens.

There will be a huge blind spot where that camera is not able to see anything anymore. Since most cameras shoot straight forward, you only need to cover their lenses from one direction.

If you don’t want to use magazines or similar material, you could also try shiny gift wrap foil instead, which works just as well on these camera models.

But remember

  • It doesn’t work on all CCTV models, and angles might vary based on the type of model used by your surveillance provider!
  • Cut out an empty aluminium food foil box (like ORWOhaus) and place it over your camera lens.

 Cover all other openings (IR cut filter, LEDs, etc.) with black tape.

  • For extra protection, place 1-2 layers of aluminium foil around the outside of your box to make it harder for someone to remove it again.
  • Tape shiny magazine pages over the lens of your camera. Make sure you have a lot of overlap between them, so there is no gap in the blind spot left behind.
  • Place a few layers on top of each other, and you should start seeing a very bright reflection from far away now!

Things to remember: There is much different surveillance equipment using different types of cameras and lenses. These blind spots might not work as intended on all of them.

If you have nothing to block the camera, then just cover your face with a mask or something, this way, it will be harder for them to identify you from the recordings.

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