How to View IP Camera Remotely on Android Phone Step by Step Guide

Nowadays, IP cameras have become more popular because they’re cheaper than traditional CCTV cameras, easier to install (with no mess of cables involved), offer better picture quality, and connect the camera “over the Internet” to view your camera from anywhere.

Suppose you have no idea how to view IP camera remotely on android phone. It comes preloaded with software that allows users to monitor multiple IP cameras over their PC at specific time intervals.

These types of cameras are found everywhere, and if you want to find nearby CCTV IP addresses. It could prove challenging to identify the exact IP address, but one way is to use Google Maps.

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How to View IP Camera Remotely on Android Phone

Nowadays, many people are using IP cameras or surveillance cameras for monitoring purposes. The webcam has different security features, which allow us to monitor the home, shop, office, etc.

Nowadays, many brands are manufacturing Android phones with high-quality camera facilities. So we can use this application to view all kinds of IP camera monitoring systems on Android phones by installing the MJpeg Camera Viewer App on your Mobile Phone. There is no need for any operating system like Windows PC and laptop because it works the same on many platforms like Windows, IOS, and Android.

Here are the steps on how to view the IP camera remotely on an android phone:

Find your local wifi network name and password on your Android phone

The following guide shows how to find your local wifi network name and password on an Android phone. The principle applies to home networks as well as corporate or public hotspots.

Find your IP camera’s UDP port forwarding rules

Forwarding IP camera UDP rules:

Save this rule! If you don’t save it, it will automatically be deleted/cleared when you navigate away from the page- so click Save again if prompted after entering the above information.

Apps that allow you to view IP Camera remotely

If you want to view an IP Camera remotely and don’t know how to do this, below, I list some android apps that allow you to watch IP Cameras.

Since there are so many android apps on the Internet, I can’t list all of them here. To help people realize that their needed app may not be well-known yet, I take NxCam as an example and talk about it from three aspects: installation, usage, and functions.

And if you want to use your phone as a wireless IP camera, you should fix its configuration first.

Android OS 2 .2 or later version is required for installing Nxcam 1) On Android devices, go to Settings – Wireless & Networks – Mobile Networks.

There are many different apps available that allow you to view IP cam on Android devices. The list of these apps is extensive and very hard to navigate. If you are like, here is the top 5 list of best free apps for Android devices. Which will allow you to view the IP cam on an Android device.

What exactly is an IP camera?

The term “IP camera” usually refers to a set of hardware devices that can transfer video data over the Internet, usually via some form of wifi or Ethernet connection. The term can also refer to all devices with this ability, including webcams, DVRs, and NVRs.

Unlike traditional CCTV cameras, which have RG59 coaxial cables that connect them directly to your TV or recording device with only one interface required for both connections, IP cameras require at least two different interfaces.

One for transferring the video stream from the camera to the recorder/TV (Network Cable) and another for controlling signals from either a browser or mobile app (wifi). It is usually achieved by daisy-chaining a wifi access point to your existing network or directly transferring the camera’s video using the Internet.

Most IP cameras connect directly to a recording device such as a DVR, NVR, TV-Tuner card, or digital recorder, allowing you to record and playback what has been captured on the camera. Some higher-end cameras have SD card slots to record footage locally for quick retrieval in emergencies.

In terms of application, there are no limits when it comes to IP Cameras. The only limitation is imagination, whether you choose an indoor or outdoor camera, dome or bullet style camera, black and white or color, low resolution(VGA), or high resolution.

Google Maps

Google Maps can locate your location and find CCTVs around you. You can also use this method offline on a smartphone or tablet with an active internet connection.

Open your browser and visit Google Maps. Click on the first menu, ‘Search.’ The first option is ‘Maps’ which you should select by clicking the cross on the right. The second option is ‘Satellite.’ Make sure this option is selected by clicking on it if necessary.

You will first be asked to allow the Google Maps application to identify your location and show results near you. You can select ‘OK’ and leave the settings as they are for now. You will observe a satellite image of your location. When a CCTV camera is identified, it will show up as a red marker on the map.

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