How to Watch CCTV Camera From Anywhere Using Internet

We all are living in the modern age where almost all of our records remain stored on computers.

These records include identification papers, personal information like marital status and residence, medical history including allergies and health conditions, employment information like workplace and salary level, credit card info.

Keeping this data secure is important because criminals would use it to steal your identity for other illegal purposes. This article will guide on how to watch CCTV camera from anywhere using internet without being caught. Most CCTVs have internet connectivity installed so that owners can connect remotely via Internet through their smartphone or computer to view what is going on at home when they are out.

CCTV Camera:

A CCTV camera, also known as a video camera, is an electronic device that can record and store data for later or real-time playback.

The only difference between a CCTV camera and other cameras is unique software to record images onto computers instead of film.

The first CCTV system was installed by Siemens AG at Test Stand VII in Peenemünde, Nazi Germany, in 1942, for observing the launch of V-2 rockets.

The noted German engineer Walter Bruch was responsible for the technological design and installation of the system.

After WWII, during 1957–1961, Japanese companies such as JVC, Sony, and Mitsubishi developed technologies that would enable future innovations like televisions and video recorders.

Today, CCTV systems could be in several places such as office buildings, banks, gas stations, retail stores, casinos/theatres, airports, train stations/bus stations (for security), schools, hospitals, parked cars, and homes.

The forward-facing (“front”) cameras on many police cars are also considered CCTV  to record traffic stops.

However, these systems can suffer setbacks with harsh environmental conditions or direct interference block-of-sight with wireless camera transmissions.

Since CCTV cameras don’t need the film to store pictures electronically instead of optically, there is no need to “wind on” when power has turned off; they can be closed down. Their current images used to save into memory restarted later.

How to Watch CCTV Camera From Anywhere Using Internet
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CCTV IP address.

The following factors will help you out to find an answer to how to find nearby CCTV IP address:

  • 1) Click on
  • 2) Now search for the location you want to get security footage from, then click on the cogwheel at the top and select “Street view.”
  • 3) Click on the link at the bottom of the page that says “View larger map.” Put your mouse over where it says Street View, but do not click it yet.

It should turn into a magnifying glass; if not, make sure Javascript is enabled. Click this once your mouse is over it to get a popup box. At this point, ensure three things:

  • That you are zooming in enough.
  • You have moved the little yellow man onto the street where you want CCTV.
  • You have right-clicked and selected “Inspect Element” on the map.
  • 4) Look for this line of code.
  • 5) The number at the end of this line is your IP address. Now right-click on any image and open it in a new tab with its src as the link. So with CCTV images, this means you will see the live feed from those cameras within seconds.
  • 6) To find out whether the cameras are pointing where they should be pointing, use Google Street view for each one.

Connect camera has an internal memory card that automatically records videos or photos, but Connect WiFi camera can also save your media files on your computer or HDTV. Connect guide will tell you how to Connect Connect cam with different functions later.

First of all, the Connect WiFi camera is a wireless device. You must find out first if there are available networks inside or surrounding your home before starting the Connect installation process.

Turn on Connect by pressing the power button located at the back of the device and connect it to your HDTV using an HDMI cable.

The Connected wifi system can recognize TVs with 1080P resolution, but you can still view images by connecting it to other television sets of lower resolutions.

You may leave this task for now as the Connect guide will give more details about Connect cam and how to use Connect later.

Secondly, you can Connect WiFi cameras wirelessly using your computer. Connect supports wireless connection so Connect cam to most PCs with Windows XP or above versions installed.

Connect the WiFi system directly to your home network access point before starting the installation process. For compatible operating systems and more information about the Connect install guide, visit the online store now!

Lastly, you can connect a Connect WiFi camera utilizing an external memory card or USB cable. You need a memory card with 1GB capacity if you want Connect to save videos and photos in the device’s internal storage.

However, it is possible to transfer files from the Connect hard disk to your PC via USB cable. This task is just like Connect wireless Connect camera, but Connect guide can show you how to Connect cam and use Connect as an external hard disk if that’s what you want.

How To Port Forward An IP Camera?

Port forwarding port is standard when a port mapping port needs to maintain a port on the HTTP port side of the port router.

However, some network administrators prefer to use custom ports since an external connection using a standard HTTP port such as 80 or 443 by a firewall is an attempt at egress and therefore blocked.

This security precaution is essential if you intend to allow access across the internet. Still, it can also cause problems with routers and firewalls that use low-end hardware with limited concurrent connections.

In these situations, opening more than one high traffic port will often overload the port forwarding port causing port error messages on the port side of the port router and making port browsing for new connections impossible.

If you want to be read full Quick Tips Regarding Alternative To Port Forwarding IP Camera

How to watch CCTV camera from anywhere using internet app

There are various smartphones available. It is very convenient to carry a smartphone wherever you go.

It makes it easy for users to watch live CCTV cameras from anywhere with an internet connection.

CCTV (closed-circuit television) security cameras or just CCTV has been around since today. However, these days, everyone can easily install their CCTV camera at home or office to monitor what they need to watch more closely. To protect your loved ones and p, this becomes necessary nowadays.

Many people choose wireless WiFi IP cameras because WiFi signals cover a greater distance than any other type of signal used by the CCTVs that are wired up directly into your homes or offices.

Today, if you want to check your CCTV camera while away from home or office? You can do this by using home web server-based solutions like Blue Iris for Windows PC-based DVR systems.

Or you may go with other third-party apps like iCamViewer (iOS) and TinyCam Monitor (Android).

All of these allow users to view their CCTV cameras directly through Wi-Fi or cellular data connection on smartphones or tablets without requiring any special hardware. But the problem is they are not free to use for all cameras.

Some of them might let you watch only a few cameras, while others charge a fee after a specific usage period. These options work fine when you have a limited number of cameras.

However, it cannot be enjoyable if you have more than one camera to connect.

Apps allow users to watch CCTV camera feeds

Many free apps are available in the market that allows users to watch CCTV camera feeds from anywhere using an internet connection on their smartphones or tablets. Here, I have listed some of them for your reference.

In this era, technology has advanced globally, and everything has become easier and faster because of technology. There are a lot of inventions that help us improve our work and way of living.

One good example is a spy camera which can look like a pen or a USB, but it is also a camera that connects with your computer, and you can view what happens via webcam on your pc.

Connect spy cameras vary from shape to function, such as simple cameras with one part only until complex ones have several functions all at once, depending on what you need.

In modern days, spy cameras have become so popular that even someone uses them for destructive purposes such as peeping without anyone knowing about it, especially nowadays how everyone can access the internet easily through various gadgets.

So, make sure you know where you put your camera, especially if it is connected to the internet and could be accessible by other people that might misuse it and invade your privacy.

If you want top-quality spy cameras, then the best place for them is online. People are selling these things online at reasonable prices and good quality.

How to watch CCTV camera from anywhere using internet hikvision

How to watch CCTV camera from anywhere using internet
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Hik-Connect is an application for remote viewing of Hikvision cameras via the Internet, enabling you to control your cameras with any device (Windows PC or Mac) that can open a web browser.

Download and install software, then enter the camera’s IP address to view, listen, and control it online.

What you can do with Hik-connect:

Enjoy your services in remote places or at any time without an existing PC or Mac program. For example, parents who want to monitor their children’s activities remotely; Users who wish to use video surveillance equipment when they are on vacation;

Use the product in remote locations such as conference rooms, meeting centers, and production lines; Consult with employees anywhere; Show products to prospective customers remotely; Monitor the safety of your home while you are away.

Requirements for using Hik-connect:

The free program software is free for use on Windows PC or Mac (with an Internet browser). To use Windows, you must have Windows XP or later. To use Mac, you must have OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or later.

Download Hik-connect for PC:

To access your devices when using the PC version of the program, please download this software on any free device to view and control your cameras via an Internet browser.

Requirements for using Hik-connect:

Would you please ensure an Internet browser before you download and use the software (such as Chrome or Firefox)?

Download Hik-connect for Mac:

Would you mind ensuring an Internet browser before downloading and using the software (such as Chrome or Firefox)?

Using the Android app:

To access your devices when using Android, please download this software on any free device to view and control your cameras via an Internet browser.

Requirements for Android users:

Before you download the app, ensure that you have a stable Internet connection and a compatible device with Android version 4.0 or later.

Using Hik-connect for Android:

After installing the program, enter your ID and password to view your cameras via an Internet browser on your Android device.

Using Hik-connect for iOS:

To access your devices when using the iOS version of the program, please download this software on any free device to view and control your cameras via an Internet browser.

Requirements for iOS users:

Before you download the app, ensure that you have a stable Internet connection and a compatible device with iOS 6.0 or later.


Hik-connect for iOS is available in the App Store. Please search for “Hik-connect,” then download and install it on your device to access your cameras via an Internet

Before you download the app, ensure that you have a stable Internet connection and a compatible device with iOS 6.0 or later.

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