What Does The Compensator Do In PUBG?

The game is about the battle between one hundred players on an island full of weapons and equipment. Your goal is to survive in the game until you die.

  • Step 1: Search for a weapon.
  • Step 2: Find health items (It’s better to have more health because you will become very weak and vulnerable).
  • Step 3: Look for armor that can also protect you from bullets (But don’t hide inside it too long, or else you’ll lose speed).

What does the compensator do in PUBG?

If you have ever played the game PUBG, you would know that different guns and attachments make a huge difference in your gameplay. The compensator is one such attachment introduced recently and is quite popular among the players. You can use this attachment to make your gun more accurate and powerful.

Compensators are connections to puzzles that divert gag gas to a battle force or float with an end goal. It does this by diverting the gasses in the restricting course of weapon float and force with the goal that the gas balances the activity of the weapon.

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Compensator meaning?

Compensators are connections with perplexes that divert gag gas with an end goal to battle backlash or float. It does this by diverting the gasses in the restricting heading of weapon float and backlash with the goal that the gas neutralizes the activity of the weapon.


The Assault Rifle compensator in PUBG Mobile is principally intended for the upward force. The compensator counterbalances the upward force by 15%. Also, the level of backlash is decreased by 10%. However, the compensator marginally lessens the spread at a given distance, yet barely.

What is a Suppressor?

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile, a suppressor is an attachment for weapons that reduces their shots’ volume and greatly decreases muzzle flash. It is difficult to figure out where an opponent’s shots are coming from when fired from the same direction as them (even with audio cues like gunfire).

To counter this advantage, we’ve added a red dot over your HP bar to let you know that someone is aiming at you, even when they’re not shooting (this does not apply in close range).

Pubg Suppressor Locations:

The game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has a strange history of changing the location of its suppressor.

Pubg suppressors are not fixed like any of the different supplies. Thus, there is no specific area of the thing.

The suppressor for the AR, DMR, and S12K is a muzzle-type attachment in BATTLEGROUNDS. This muzzle-type attachment reduces the noise generated when a player in BATTLEGROUNDS is firing a weapon. Attachable to: M16A4, SCAR-L, AKM, M416, AUG A3, and S12K.

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Suppressor vs. Compensator PUBG

The main difference between suppressor and compensator is that the compensator reduces muzzle climb while firing, increasing recoil. On the other hand, a suppressor reduces both muzzle climb and recoil and makes your shots harder to detect by other players with the suppressor attached to their weapons.

Compensator PUBG Pic

What Does The Compensator Do In PUBG
Compensator vs Flash Hider vs Suppressor (Image Credit: Some-Stuff)

In a battle royale game, up to 100 players fight in a battle royale-style multiplayer last man standing deathmatch. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is where players parachute onto an island and frantically search for weapons and equipment to kill others and save themselves.

The size of the available safe area decreases over time, forcing surviving players into tighter areas until one player or team remains standing at the end of each round.

They must find weapons, ammunition, armor, vehicles, and supplies to fight against other players. The player who survives after 40 minutes wins the match!


How many compensators are there in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds?

Compensators are attached to the following weapons: Assault Rifles: M16A4, AKM, SCAR-L, SLR, SKS. SMGs: MP5, Mac 10, UMP45. Sniper Rifle: S12K SMGs will not attach a compensator due to their large handguard. The compensator is designed for reducing recoil upwards. It will come bundled in the game along with AR attachments as default. If you have an appropriate weapon type, and your attachment is equipped, e.g., you must use an assault rifle or appear in error.

PUBG Compensator vs Flash Hider

The main difference between the Compensator and flash hider is that the Compensator helps reduce the recoil according to the muzzle’s direction, which can be vertical or horizontal. At the same time, Flash hider is used to spread the flash of firing, which can be seen from a distance not to irritate other shooters while they are shooting.

The Compensator and the flash hider are two other types of light emitters. The Compensator reduces muzzle rise at each shot by creating arants that create less light at the barrel’s end. It helps to reduce energy loss from the gun when shooting, while the hider minimizes light emitted at the barrel’s end.

If you are shooting from a distance, the Compensator will provide greater stability to your weapon, making it easier to control. But for close-range combat, like fighting against the enemy, Flash hiders would be a better choice. It will act as a frame of reference for your weapon.

Compensator PUBG Mobile

Compensator Pubg mobile – There are no rules, no allies, only one goal – to be the last man standing. Feel free to shoot your opponents and try not to die yourself. Survive in this dangerous world and be a winner!

A compensator is an accessory that reduces upwards recoil when shooting your gun. It’s made of metal, so it adds weight to your gun, making you more stable while shooting and harder to knock back but decreases horizontal recoil at the cost of lower max ammo capacity (however, this is not an issue with automatic guns).

The control framework utilizes the compensator to develop additional framework elements and attributes of the open circle framework and further develop steadiness. The lead/slack compensator, stage compensator, is utilized to work on the steadiness of the framework.

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