How to Connect WiFi Camera to Mobile


Some people assume that they can’t use their WiFi camera for taking photos unless it’s plugged into the wall. It is understandable, considering most other things in life require some power source, whether a battery or an outlet. Fortunately, this is not the case for WiFi cameras. Do you also wonder how to connect WiFi … Read more

How to Connect Spy Camera to Mobile


A spy Camera is a very small and hidden device that can be fixed anywhere and represent normal objects. It can record video and audio. So it’s very easy for us to watch those recorded videos, but we can’t watch them on our mobile phones. Mobile phones cannot transfer data through Bluetooth or infrared. So … Read more

How to Find Nearby CCTV IP Address


CCTV IP address is the ID of a CCTV camera that helps you connect to the Internet with your cameras. The primary purpose of using IP addresses is for identifying and locating specific devices for data transfer purposes. Nowadays, CCTV is being installed at many essential places to control crime. But why are these CCTVs … Read more

How to View IP Camera Remotely on Android Phone Step by Step Guide


Nowadays, IP cameras have become more popular because they’re cheaper than traditional CCTV cameras, easier to install (with no mess of cables involved), offer better picture quality, and connect the camera “over the Internet” to view your camera from anywhere. Suppose you have no idea how to view IP camera remotely on android phone. It … Read more

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