Is Zappos Legit or a Scam?

It is hard to trust online these days. With so many businesses vying for attention, it can be difficult to determine which ones are legitimate and try to scam consumers out of their hard-earned money.

Zappos is one company that has built a solid reputation for itself by providing quality products and excellent customer service. The company has become so well-known for its great service that it has even been featured in multiple magazines and TV shows.

So, if you’re wondering, is Zappos legit?

The answer is a resounding yes!

You can trust that you’ll get quality products from different brands such as; Millions of men’s shoes, women’s shoes, girl’s shoes, boy’s shoes, handbags, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, knock-offs, and Nike brand shoes in original price. And top-notch customer service when you shop from their online store.

What is Zappos?

It is an authentic store that sells clothes. It was nothing to do with a scam because Amazon is the biggest online retailer and an international, reputable business.

The company has an Amazon HQ, so you can trust the products to be safe in the long term. Zappos focuses on providing great customer service. However, before purchasing, consumers should familiarize themselves with the company’s return policy.

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Zappos Reviews


If you’re looking for a great online shopping experience, Zappos is the place to go. There’s something for everyone, with over 2 million items in stock, including shoes, clothing, and accessories. Find the perfect item without spending a fortune.

Their amazing customer service makes Zappos stand out from other online retailers. Their call center is open 24/7 and always happy to help. They also have a 365-day return policy, so you can shop confidently, knowing that you can always return an item if you’re not happy with it.

Overall, Zappos is an excellent choice for online shopping. Their huge selection, free shipping and returns, and outstanding customer service make them a top choice for anyone looking for a hassle-free shopping experience.

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Is Zappos Legit?

Zappos offers a wide range of shoes, clothing, and other accessories. The company was founded in 1999, and Amazon acquired it in 2009. Zappos

also has a generous return policy, allowing customers to return items within 365 days of purchase. In addition, Zappos offers a 24/7 customer service hotline, making it easy to get help with any questions or concerns.

Overall, Zappos is a reputable company that provides great value and excellent customer service.

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Is Zappos safe for shopping?


Zappos is also safer. Stores must not only be legit, but they need to be secure. A secure site protects any information the consumer provides. However, legitimate online stores will not be able to rob you of information but are more vulnerable to fraud.

And when credit card numbers can get stolen by cyber criminals, you are guaranteed to be scammed if they are used. Zappos says most fashion stores have “physical, electronic and administrative procedures which protect personal data and privacy.”

How does Zappos work?

Zappos was originally based in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2009, Zappos was acquired by for $1.2 billion.

Today, Zappos is headquartered in Henderson, Nevada, and employs over 4,000 people. In addition to its online store, Zappos also operates retail locations in Las Vegas and Louisville, Kentucky.

 Zappos customers can call customer service 24/7 to ask questions or place orders. Zappos also has a 365-day return policy, which allows customers to return items anytime within 365 days of purchase.

Zappos provides a great shopping experience for its customers. The company’s wide selection of shoes and clothing, outstanding customer service, and generous return policy makes it a popular choice for shoppers looking for a convenient and hassle-free shopping experience.

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Zappos Products and Services


Zappos offers a wide variety of shoes, clothing, and accessories for men, women, and children. In addition to its retail business, Zappos offers several other services, including Zappos Insights, a research and consulting service that helps businesses improve their customer service.

Zappos also offers a loyalty program called Zappos Rewards, which gives members points for every purchase they make. Points can redeem for discounts on future purchases. Zappos also operates an online customer service chat service called Zappos 24/7 Customer Service. This service is available to answer any customers’ questions about their orders or the products they have purchased.


Zappos has a great selection of products, including men’s, women’s, and children’s shoes, clothing, bags, and accessories. Zappos website is easy to use, and customer service is a top priority. In the shop, should also consider a product range.

Zappos offers free shipping and returns and a 365-day return policy. In addition, the company has a loyalty program that offers discounts and points for customers who shop frequently. Zappos is a great option for those looking for quality products and excellent customer service.


Online shopping differs from in-store shopping because your package doesn’t go out. Instead, the shipment is supposed to go to your home or wherever the shipment is sent.

In online shopping, one of the main factors must be the company’s shipping policy, including the shipping destinations’ timeframes and shipping costs.

Return Shipping

Most online purchases are marked by blind purchases when you can’t assess the product physically and have a refund. Aside from the size of the fashion, the Order may contain faulty fittings. In this way, the Internet Fashion store would be illegal if it didn’t return the product.

Online stores are ideal because they let you return any items you are unhappy with; you need to chat with a customer service representative who ends up refunding the item you return labeled in original packaging. Luckily Zappos offer a return.

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Customer Satisfaction

Zappos Review on Trustpilot

Trustpilot: Customers seem dissatisfied with the selection, prices, and customer service Zappos offers. In particular, many reviewers claim the free shipping and returns policy is a horrible experience. The company has a 2.7 stars rating out of 5.

Zappos Review on Sitejabber

Sitejabber: Zappos is a popular online retailer that offers various shoes and other footwear. Many customers have written positive reviews of their experience with Zappos on Sitejabber, with 4.5 stars rating out of 5.

Zappos Website

Zappos specializes in shoes, clothing, and accessories. It is the most popular online shopping destination. In addition to offering a wide selection of products,

Zappos is also known for its excellent customer service. The company offers free shipping and returns and a 365-day return policy. Zappos is also committed to giving back to the community and has several programs that support local charities and non-profits.

Zappos customer satisfaction and social responsibility, it’s no wonder that Zappos is one of the most popular online retailers.

Alternative Websites to Zappos

When it comes to online shopping, few websites can match the convenience and selection of Zappos. However, some other websites offer similar services and products. Shopbop, for example, is an online retailer that offers a wide variety of clothing, shoes, and accessories for both men and women.

REI is another great option for outdoor gear, offering everything from camping equipment to hiking apparel. And finally, Overstock is a great resource for finding deals on home goods, furniture, and more. So if you are looking for a new pair of shoes or trying to find the perfect gift, check out these alternative websites to Zappos.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Zappos’ shipping policies?

Within the United States, Zappos offers free standard shipping on all orders. Your Order is typically processed and shipped within 1-2 business days.

What is Zappos’ return policy?

Zappos offers a generous 365-day return policy with a full refund or exchange with free return shipping charges.

What are the benefits of shopping at Zappos?

Zappos offers a convenient way to shop for new styles of shoes and clothing. In addition, Zappos offers a 365-day return policy, which gives customers plenty of time to ensure they are satisfied with their purchase.

What are the drawbacks of shopping at Zappos?

Some customers may find the selection at Zappos to be overwhelming. In addition, the website can be slow to load, and customer service wait times can be long. However, these drawbacks are offset by the convenience and ease of shopping at Zappos.

Does Amazon own Zappos?

Yes. In 2009 Zappos was acquired by Amazon, which is why you’ll see free upgraded shipping and free returns for Amazon Prime Members.

Bottom Line

I can highly recommend Zappos as a legit company after doing some research. There are many positive reviews of the company online, and it has been in business for over 20 years but still, some negative reviews which make you confused is Zappos legit or not?

Additionally, Zappos is a subsidiary of Amazon, one of the world’s most trusted companies. While there are always some complaints with any company, Zappos is a reliable place to buy shoes and other items online.

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